As a young kid I was always involved in sports, but I especially loved the game of basketball. The team play, the heavy workout and the commitment was something that triggered me and got me going for more.

At the age of 16 I started doing some modelling and alongside my interest in the fitness industry began to grow. Working out and focusing on my body and health gave me the confidence I needed to thrive in de modelling industry.

After seeing the transformation I made, physically and mentally, through this process, I decided I wanted to share this information and passion with others.


During ten years I experimented with fitness techniques to find out what really works. After that, I felt I was ready to educate myself on a professional level in order to coach others.
I decided to get the necessary certificates – NASM / EREPS – so I could take my first steps into the personal coaching world.

I am always trying to improve myself and evolve as a personal trainer. Everyone is different: different body types, different agendas, different lifestyles… That’s why I find it really important to keep educating myself and learning different methods of training so that everyone can have the best workout possible for themselves.

Ever since I started this journey, I really feel like I have found my passion. Coaching and motivating others, helping them reach their goals and being an example for a fit and healthy body and mind. Because being a personal trainer is more than just physical exercise. To me, a healthy mind is also extremely important. If your mindset isn’t right the body will struggle to cope as well.

Functional Training:

The focus in functional training lies on the natural movements of the body, movements you make every single day. Functional training focuses on the strength, stability and mobility of the body and making sure your body moves in the correct way, avoiding injuries. This is the best way to make your first steps into the fitness world and getting to know different movements and forms of exercise. Functional training is for everyone who wants to improve their posture, movement and stability. It’s also perfect for those recovering from injuries. You don’t use a lot of fitness equipment, mostly own body weight and functional tools (rope, elastic band, …)

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Weight training

Is gaining muscle mass your goal? Do you want a leaner, stronger physique? Then weight training is your friend! Combined with the right lifestyle, the right diet that fits your body type and of course my professional coaching, you will definitely reach your fitness goals. This is a more intense kind of workout with a lot of usage of weights and fitness equipment.


A HIIT workout makes sure you will go one hundred percent all out. You’ll combine quick intense bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short recovery period of low intensity exercise. With this kind of workout you keep your heart rate up and you will burn more fat in less time (compared to other types of exercise). The fat burning process lasts 24 hours after your workout and gives great results in cardiovascular health and body posture.

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Your goals become my goals!

We set our goals together and strive for the best version of yourself, mentally and physically!


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